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December 2018

Lost power...

Resolved  –  (4) We're currently creating a backup of all of the relevant sites, databases, etc. due to this spamming attack. Please be patient while we're working on this and the site, forum and so on is offline! Thanks.

(3) We deleted/banned the said fake users in the hope that they won't come back. The "entrance" they took was in a missing HTTPS certificate, so they could create such things as mass emails to users all over the world. We installed an encrypted security certificate (HTTP ---> HTTPS) and took back the database to October 11th, 2018.

(2) The "lost power" issue was identified as the following: Several fake people hacked into our systems to create spam threads, posts, mass emails, etc.

(1) We're currently investigating an issue that stole power from us and our servers / the website.
26 Dec 2018 16:12 UTC

November 2018

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October 2018

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